Locbee Security

Safety first.

A complete security management solution powered by beacon technology.

Track location of security guards, prove compliance and protect against litigation. Transforming security operation. Our inclusive solution will help you manage and protect your personnel, improve asset utilization and improve worker productivity.


Main functions:

    Leverage a bird's eye view of your workforce and assets to make better business decisions and respond more effectively to security issues.
    Use mobile workflow and automation to streamline operations and free up time for strategic thinking and decisions.
    Improve SLA compliance through automated alerts and provide clients with an overview of operations, service and compliance.
    Replace paper-based processes with mobile forms, automate time tracking and identify performance issues.

Live maps and asset tracking

  • Monitor security guard movement and distribution to ensure you operate efficiently and respond quickly to changing conditions.
  • Live maps display current location of security guards and assets
  • Determine closest/best first responder to incidents
  • Manage resources during high influx / exit times
  • "Back-in-time" employee and incident reporting

Distress Alerts

  • Respond more effectively to distress situations using mobile workflow and alerts.
  • Quick access security guard mobile distress function
  • Trigger SMS and mobile alerts to supervisors
  • Establish rule-based alerts for pre-defined security risks
  • Send distress follow-up messages

Incident Reports

  • Capture accurate, verifiable incident information with real-time, mobile incident reporting.
  • Create incident templates
  • Enable real-time incident reporting via mobile app
  • Submit open text details of issues
  • Upload photos related to incident
  • Centrally view and manage incidents through web console

Task lists

  • Replace paper-based processes with forms presented at the right time, right place and to the right employee.
  • Create task list templates
  • Assign lists to locations/employees
  • Schedule tasks based on zone and time
  • Trigger lists on zone entry
  • Report on task completion 

Quality assurance

  • Ensure contractual obligations, safety and quality standards are being met with proactive mobile audits.
  • Create and manage audit forms
  • Customize scoring system
  • Assign audits to locations/employees
  • Schedule periodic inspections
  • Trigger audits on zone entry
  • Report on audit results                                                                                                      


  • Improve response time and reduce phone calls with secure real-time messaging
  • Send and receive messages to individuals or groups of employees (two-way chat)
  • Send messages based on employee type or location
  • Initiate and respond to communications from mobile app or web console
  • View historical records of conversations

Exception Tracking

  • Reduce liability costs and ensure consistent service delivery through proactive exception management.
  • Create/edit rules for service-level obligations and KPIs i.e. patrol times
  • Automatically detect if assets or security guards leave defined zones
  • Automatically detect service level failures using employee and activity tracking
  • Trigger alerts and emails to employees and/or supervisors if exception occurs
  • Report on exceptions and compliance

Heatmap and Analytics

  • Use location and activity analytics to optimize staff rosters, inspection routes and activity schedules.
  • Heatmaps showing security guard movement over time
  • Identify under and over serviced areas
  • Analyze service variances across schedules, sites and employees
  • Optimize workforce resourcing and improve safety & security through re-balancing of staff


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