Locbee Museum

Digital guided tours

The solution provides a forward-looking solution for the mobile applications market for visitors to museums. The system uses a variety of localisation technologies and using many useful modules what can be easily customised:

  • tours
  • quizzes
  • campaigns
  • games
  • push notification
  • proximity marketing
  • loyalty cards
  • heatmap

These are just some of the major options what the system has.  Only the latest technologies are used. Both for Android and iOS, mobiles and tablets. Magnificent statistics, cloud based CMS.  The system is also connected  with NAVORI™ digital signage system to extend the limits and to provide a more attractive impressions to your visitors. This is truly the next level of engagement technologies for indoor and outdoor usage.



Location based operation solutions

  • Advanced operational tools (Time and Movement)
    Show position of the staff on map and provides a new perspective to their management. During and event it can results in better decisions, faster implementation, easier information sharing and tighter control. Keep track of happenings in real time!
  • Improved productivity - effective cost reduction
    Reduce administration time by replacing paper-based workflows, using a mobile device-based solutions and automation-related locations. The continuous measurement of working hours and job performance creates opportunities for optimisation, more efficient allocation of resources.
  • Improved SLA compliance and customer satisfaction
    Improving statistics with automatic alarms. No more forgotten tasks, error notification. The great error and task management module supports all your business needs in the daily administration process, even when the operation is outsourced.
  • Lower management costs
    Digitised workflow automation and seamless processes, allowing more time for training and development tasks.


  • Live map - Navigation solution that allows you display each area load level, and provides way-finding guidance to users on the floors and areas
  • Self-Guided Tours - Instead of checking brochures, museums can use discreetly placed beacons to pinpoint a visitor’s location, giving visitors the ability to attend on self-guided tours. This not only provides a more personalised experience, it also reduces overall museum resources.
  • Gamifying Education - Museums are educating visitors with interactive quizzes, treasure hunts, recommend exhibits based on interaction, learning zones, etc. Create leaderboards on various visitor engagements in the museum. 
  • Rich Exhibit experience - Provide rich media experience of an exhibit with videos, audio, photos, etc. This will give visitors enhanced experience of an exhibit. Example if an exhibit is a guitar of a famous artist, you can show clips of some performances, provide some music, etc.
  • New Profit Centre - The museum also uses beacons at certain areas to promote merchandise in the store relevant to the context of the area in the museum, also in their gift shop and café, delivering the menu and any promotions. A beacon at the museum’s exit even prompts visitors give feedback or make a donation
  • Social Sharing - Lets your out engaged visitors be your best marketers. Visitors can share what they love about your collection over social media - without leaving your app 
  • Emergency protocol - Automatically variably instructions, escape routes, depending on the position. Customisable alerts and instructions for both guests using the application, all participants of the building operations of pre-recorded script.
  • Digital Signage integration - Our system can be integrated with most of the DS system, which allows information can easily be shared between mobile phones and displays. Display custom messages in case of an emergency command displays a map, or using just meeting presenters on location information even easier.
  • Heat-map and Analytics - Typical visitors’ routes, operators movement. Cold and hot containment sites, each site occupancy of understanding. Statistics are typical customers of movement, about the time spent and the movement of participants' operations, performance of duties, etc.
  • Questionnaire - Ask your visitors in the right time and in the right location about your museum and collects feedbacks automatically and improve your operations continuously. 
  • Multilingual - Extend the limits and provide details to your attractions on more languages easily with the help of our CMS system.


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