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Our most advanced technology 

 Personalization is the next manifestation in the evolution of brands

Our solutions with localised information, enhance customer App experiences, whilst providing our clients outstanding sales opportunities, ensuring your customers enjoy the best on site experiences possible. Our App’s are also designed so that chosen members of staff have the ability to use the App to tailor their guest experience as per the time of year, day / hour, weekly or organised events or conferences they may be attending. Your guests will get instant updates about events, make dining reservations, invite a contact to join them, reserve a table or access their account or billing information, room key and the convenience of in-house navigation, all at their fingertips.

Key features

  • Improved operating tools
    Identify staff positions on the software map included with the club’s/hotels admin platform program. Time and motion. Provides a new perspective in time and motion management. Better choices, faster implementation, real time sharing of information and a more precise control of your business or events.
  • New experiences for visitors
    With our system, you can easily communicate with customers, with actions and relevant advertisements, always tailored to the most appropriate place and time. Guests may be automatically checked in at the restaurants or any other services they have booked.
  • A digital concierge during the visit
    Guests can always get help when they can easily access information. They can easily find attractions or find and order services, receive guidance or personalised information relevant for them, or for the event they are attending.
  • Creating a completely new “profit centre”
    Hoteliers and Marketers will have access to a new interface with the application, that can show the most relevant ads, brands or sponsoring partners on their guests mobile devices. Either timed, location sensitive or automatically, that is the beauty of our admin software and easy to use platform.

Main modules

  • Live map
    – An indoor navigation solution that allows you to display your retail stores, restaurants, kiosks, as well as providing directions for users. Find your room.
  • The Hotelier
    also can see in real time where their customers are and what trends they follow, where is used and where not. Traffic flow.
  • Location-based sales campaigns
    – Location dependent data access eg. make available information about current offers and products close to certain practice areas, restaurants, wellness, spa services or treatments. Even down to brand promotions with real time product information.

  • Assistance Button
    – The module allows the user / guest to request assistance within the applications security service, which automatically includes the position provided by the nearest beacon, thus helping to identify the Hotel staff of the person requiring assistance within the premises or venue. This feature makes for a safer environment.
  • Emergency protocols for fire or evacuation
    – Automatic location based instructions, directed escape routes, customisable alerts and instructions for guests, all at their fingertips.
  • Task handling
    – Circular paths, setting specific or repetitive tasks using control technologies and localisation. For job site linked lists.
  • Digital Signage integration
    – Our system can be integrated with most of the DS system, which allows for information to be easily shared between mobile phones and displays. Display custom messages in case of an emergency, provide a map, or just announcing meeting location information for guest or conference attendees.
  • Heatmap and Analytics
    – Typical visitor routes, staff movement. Identifying cold or hot usage outlets, kiosks / areas, frequency of use. Statistics of typical customers movements, time spent and the movement of participants at the various locations, performance of staff duties, etc.
  • Multilingualism
    – Be able to inform your customers in multiple languages, aid their movements, appreciation of a real time understanding of their habits.

Application functions


  • Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Hungarian – most Languages available on request
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android
  • Apple Watch support: Yes
  • Hotel Management Software integration options: Opera, HostWare

Standard functions

  • Check-in, check-out, with downloadable invoice option
  • Account management – personalized services
  • News and info hub – flights, weather forecast
  • Loyalty functions – rewards, coupons, redeem, surveys
  • Booking – room, table, treatment etc.
  • Downloadable invoice
  • Concierge services
  • Push notification
  • Social media integration – facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube etc.
  • Analytics and reports – dashboard and heatmaps
  • Online Chat

Extra functions

  • Mobile payment
  • Emergency protocol module - health and safety (e.g. evacuation)
  • Digital Signage integration
  • Proximity marketing – location based campaigns
  • Indoor navigation – find your room
  • In-Room services
  • Grab and Go orders
  • Event module
  • Staff module – localization, task manager

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