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Future solutions to support institutions

The features specially designed for educational institutions provide a complete solution for integrating into a mobile application.  Our solutions with indoor localisation information enhance student experiences and provide more control to their teachers.  Among the most important modules and functions you can find guidance, entry, position dependent data download, emergency protocols, thermal map and other reports. The system is easy to connect with displays and interactive technologies. Its web administration interface makes it easy to manage timetables, classroom reservations, and centralised supervision.

  • Advanced operational tools (Time and Movement)
    Show map position of the staff provides a new perspective to management.During and event  it can enable better decisions, faster implementation, easier information sharing and tighter control. Keep track of happenings in real time!
  • Improved productivity, effective cost reduction
    Reduce administration time by replacing paper-based workflows, using a mobile device-based solutions and automation-related locations. The continuous measurement of working hours and job performance creates opportunities for optimisation, more efficient allocation of resources.
  • Improved SLA compliance and customer satisfaction
    Improving statistics with automatic alarms. No more forgotten tasks, error notification. The great error and task management module supports all your business needs in the daily administration process, even when the operation is outsourced.
  • Lower management costs
    Digitised workflow automation and seamless processes, allowing more time for training and development tasks.


  • Live map - Indoor navigation solution that allows you to map the number displayed in each area and the occupants, and provides guidance to users on the floors
  • Panic Button - The module allows the user to request assistance in the application security service that directly (Panic Button feature or send a message), which automatically includes the position is provided by the nearest beacon, helping to identify the person in distress in the console map.
  • Emergency protocol - Automatically variably instructions, escape routes, depending on the position. Customisable alerts and instructions for both guests using the application, all participants of the building operations of pre-recorded script.
  • Task handling - Circular paths, setting specific or repetitive tasks using control technologies and localisation. For job site linked lists.
  • Digital Signage integration - Our system can be integrated with most of the DS system, which allows information can easily be shared between mobile phones and displays. Display custom messages in case of an emergency command displays a map, or using just meeting presenters on location information even easier.
  • Timetable and classroom concepts - Centrally manageable timetable  for classrooms with other resources as a dedicated solution for mobile subscribers. Existing systems can be easily integrated.
  • Treasure Hunt - Player incentive methods for getting to know the institution and gaining knowledge.
  • Sharing - Location dependent data access. Inside the classroom we can make available materials, presentations or exams related to the class or teacher
  • Thermal map and analytics - Typical paths for visitors and operators. Defining cold and hot places to understand the utilisation of some sites. Statistics about both the typical movement of customers, their time spent, and the participants in the operation.
  • Multilingualism - Communicate with your students on multiple languages. Help their movement, understand their habits.


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