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Hungarian based ENITLAB Ltd. developed its own mobil solution framework with indoor navigation capabilities for museums, hotels, retails, stadiums, hospitals etc. The solution using several localization technologies and has several useful modules right out of the box. Tours, quiz, games, campaigns, push-notification, proximity advertisement, loyalty rewards are just some of the major options what the system is capable for.

Only the latest technologies are used. Both for Android and iOS, mobiles and tablets. Magnificent statistics, cloud based CMS. The system could be connected with certain digital signage system to extend the limits.

Locbee™ is truly the next level of engagement technologies for indoor and outdoor usage.

Boost your mobile engagement with context-aware applications

Let your customers to find their way easier, and enjoy your services on a higher level. With Locbee™ you can provide contextual based interactions a new way to improve your business. Monitor your place and analyse patterns resulting more optimised operations and better customer behaviour analyses.

Find your way and enjoy your life

Content management with Locbee™ CMS

Create and manage your content real-time with an easy to use administrative interface



A fully customisable ecosystem with many great built-in features


Unique localization algorithm for indoor and outdoor mobile application solutions.


Cloud based proximity platform to manage location and contextual contents easily.


Detailed statistics, analytics and heatmaps.


Connect with digital signage systems or control smart devices (IoT) to engage customers with personalized and contextual campaigns and events.

Multi platform

Both Android (4.4+) and iOS (8+) mobile environment supported.

Multi language

The system is ready with the most common languages out of the box. Easy to extend in case of request.




Nowadays personal hygiene and safety have more attention than ever. To handle, control, and maintain social distancing or emergency situations need special tools and technologies.

Our solution is the right tool to improve safety and automate the most important processes.

  • Social distancing/room utilization
  • Emergency protocol
  • Advanced notification
  • New monitoring tools to analyze patterns



Industry 4.0. Future solutions to support the automotive industry. Our solutions with indoor localisation information provide tools for a complete oversight of what is going in your factory or warehouse in realtime and history. 


Locbee Golf

From our love of Golf and our network of connections within the Golf Industry, it became obvious to us how limited most Golf App’s really are and what real value do they give back to the Golf Club itself. With Loc-bee Golf and the latest technologies you can maximise the guests experience whilst providing real time feedback for your staff. 


Locbee EDU

Modern education. Future solutions to support institutions. Our solutions with indoor localisation information enhance student experiences and provide more control to their teachers. 


Locbee Retail

Future of Retails. Localization-based solutions and new opportunities. Our solutions with localised information enhance customer experiences and provide extra sales opportunities for businesses.


Locbee Hotel

Transforming guest experiences. Personalisation is the next manifestation in the evolution of brands. A location based application could improve all your hospitality services at your venue. The application would be one of the most important connections with your guests.


Locbee Museum

Digital guided tours. Solutions with localization technologies for museums. Complex solutions for Museums who really want a simple but future proof solutions at their venue.


Locbee Festival

Future of festivals. Location-based solutions, new experiences. Our solutions with localisation information enhance festival experiences and provide more control on security. 


Locbee Sport

Future of fan experiences. Localisation technologies and personalised solutions for sport events. Our solutions with localisation information enhance fan experiences and provide more control on security. 


Locbee Security

Safety first. Real-time localization technologies. A complete security management solution powered by beacon technology. Track location of security guards, prove compliance and protect against litigation.



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We are truly believe localisation based services are the future. They could personalise your experiences and dramatically improve the quality of your life.



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